Life Quest Chiropractic & Sports is Alexandria's premier choice for wellness solutions for families and athletes. With over 20 years of experience helping families get well and athletes get back in the game, let our experience and passion for wellness help you discover your full potential for a high performance life.  By focusing on the 5 keys to optimal health, which are: Healthy Nutrition, Quality Sleep, Exercise, Proper Hydration and a High Performing Nervous System, we will help guide you along your path to wellness. When you’re ready to take your health to the next level, we offer a variety of fitness and wellness services in The Studio, our on-site wellness facility.  More than a chiropractic clinic, we are your home for creating a high performance life.


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Man with back pain, injury while running, trauma during workout, outdoors concept

Back and Neck Pain

Human back with a visible pain on white background

Disc Problems


numbness in arm/leg

28201632 - woman suffering from stress or a headache grimacing in pain as she holds the back of her neck with her other hand to her temple, with copyspace




Young woman in tank top having neck pain isolated on white background


Spine related conditions

Sports injuries

American football players in action on the playing field.


Healthy men Injury from exercise in the gym, he injured his knee

Knee Injuries

Broken twisted ankle - running sport injury.

Ankle Sprains

Portrait of sporty woman putting her hand on red spots on while has sport injury in her shoulder.

Shoulder Injuries

Cropped Image of Senior Woman Runner Hold Her Sports Injured Leg Outdoor. Injury From Workout Concept.

IT Band Syndrome

Man with elbow pain

Tennis Elbow


The staff is so friendly, welcoming and always willing to help you out, even in a pinch. 

Tammy F.


Life Quest and Dr Mike have changed my life. Out of shape and unhealthy, they have changed the way I think, look and feel.

Tyson T.


I came in after getting zero results at Sanford, looking for help. Doc put me on the right plan of action to get results so my feet have less pain. The extra effort and attention to detail have made life on my feet feeling back to normal. Not to mention the entire staff is top notch.

Matt J.


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