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New Patient Special! Exam and Treatment Just $97!

Our team will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your evlauation or you can call us at 320.762.0683.  Be sure to mention the New Patient Special!

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Get Answers and Solutions

Your Initial Evaluation will be extremely thorough and complete. We look at posture, ranges of motion and abnormal movement patterns. We perform orthopedic and neurologic tests.  All with the goal of helping you understand the cause of your pain and how we might help.

If we accept your case and feel we can help, treatment will begin immediately. The entire first visit, including treatment, with this special offer, is just $97.

We accept most insurance and have affordable fees for those with high deductibles or no insurance.

More than just an adjustment

At Life Quest, we offer more than just the adjustment.  Our treatment includes exercise therapy, therapy modalities like ultrasound and electrical muscle stim, as well as soft tissue therapy like myofascial release and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

By offering an integrated approach to care, we are able to help you get better results in a shorter period of time.

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Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is vital to full recovery from injuries. We utilize bodyweight exercises, TheraBand elastic bands, kettlebells and a variety of other forms of exercise to build strength in the core, spine, and extremities.

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Therapy Modalities

We utilize therapy modalities including ultrasound and estim to assist in reducing muscle spasm, decreasing inflammation and promoting tissue recovery.

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Soft Tissue Therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a manual therapy for soft tissue concerns using specifically designed tools.  IASTM is aimed at breaking down abnormal densities in tissues like scar tissue and trigger points.

Over 25 Years Helping People Feel Better


Dr. Powell was born and raised in Iowa, went to school at Buena Vista University and graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic. Growing up, Dr. Powell was a 4 sport athlete and played NCAA Division III college football. Dr Powell moved to Alexandria to open his practice in 1997. Dr. Powell served as team doctor for the local NAHL and NA3HL hockey team for 10 years.

As a lifetime athlete, Dr Powell has earned multiple certifications in rehabilitation, sports injury and fitness that have served him in helping his patients achieve optimal results.

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