Our Focus on Sports

Athletes of all ages and skill levels come to us for advanced, drug-free injury care, rehabilitation and performance enhancing coaching in nutrition, training and life. Whether a young developing athlete, recreational golfer, MMA fighter or professional athlete, Life Quest Sports can help you meet and exceed your goals in sport, fitness, weight management and life.

Dr. Michael “Doc” Powell, a former collegiate athlete and team doctor, brings nearly two decades of experience, training and education to your development “team.”  Athletes see Doc for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Injury care for back and neck, shoulder, knee and ankle problems
  • Rehabilitation of spine, joint and soft tissue injuries
  • Advanced sport nutritional coaching for increased performance, weight management and lifestyle
  • Life coaching for maintaining optimal well being and life balance
  • Fitness and training consults to remedy training plateaus and repetitive use injuries
  • Goal setting and personal motivation for sport and life

As a holistic practitioner, Dr. Powell works with the body’s innate healing potential with a variety of soft tissue techniques including Graston, myofascial release and proprioceptive neurofacillitation along with traditional spinal and extremity joint manipulation. Dr. Powell is also trained in the application of Kinesio-tape for rehabilitation and enhanced athletic performance. He has excellent rapport with local advanced imaging specialists, as well as orthopedists and neurologists.

When you are ready to get better, stronger, faster or stay in your peak physical shape, Life Quest Sports should be part of your health and wellness team. Dr. Powell is available for consultation Monday through Friday at Life Quest Chiropractic and Sports.

Photo courtesy of Echo Press, Alexandria, MN.