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Meditation Class

For centuries, meditation has been promoted as an essential key to optimal living. In our busy, stressed out, maxed out lives, there seems to be little time available to focus ...
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Low Back Pain = Tight Hip Flexors

If you spend more of your time sitting than moving, you probably suffer from low back pain. If you are a runner, jumper or sprinter, you probably have had episodes ...
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Vitamin D: Essential to Optimal Health

Growing up as a kid in Iowa I can remember drinking the milk with the red label, you know, the whole milk with Vitamin D added. Back then I just ...
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Wellness Is A Mindset

Nothing in the universe is an accident. Our life experience is the sum of our choices. We gain weight because we choose to eat high calorie, low nutrient dense food ...
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Video Blog: Orthotics

Do you suffer with low back pain? Learn about one of my best recommendations to help your back function and feel better!
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Understanding Low Back Pain

As a chiropractor, I see patients with a variety of conditions and injuries, with low back pain being at the top of the list. There can be many reasons a ...
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